When it comes to buying engagement rings Mark Schneider Design offers a wide variety of rings for you to choose from. Needless to say, it’s important to select a ring that fits your fiancée’s style, whether that be elegant, contemporary, or sassy. Mark Schneider has developed three “bride-types” to help you figure out which ring is right for her. In our experience many women fall into one of these categories, including some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrity brides. Read on to find out which of these types best describes your bride-to-be.

The Princess

If you know in your heart that your woman is a princess, take a few pointers from Prince William. Kate Middleton was wed with an 18 carat sapphire belonging to the late Princess Diana. These two women have many of the same qualities that make them fit to be princesses, their giving hearts and conservative, fashion-forward styles. If you know your bride is a princess, then check out the Blue Sapphire Bridal Ring. The gorgeous sapphire is the perfect fit for the most graceful of women. It is set in a platinum ring accented by white diamonds.

The Diva

            Do you have a strong and independent woman? If so then you have a diva on your hands. Mariah Carey is one diva that made out with a massive sparkler. Nick Canon sealed the deal with a 15 carat ring. The glare from her large princess cut can be seen from miles away. If you know that the woman of your dreams has a lot to offer you, then getting down on one knee with Mark Schneider’s “One of a Kind” Engagement Ring is the perfect proposal. Having something original that sparkles is sure to please any diva.

Simple Beauty

            What do you get a woman of classic elegance and simplistic style? Well you can take a cue from Ben Affleck, who proposed to Jennifer Garner with a 4.5 carat diamond ring. The simple beauty doesn’t need an over-the-top ring to be happy, but a ring like the Bloom is sure to turn her cheeks crimson. Bloom is set in a band shaped like leaves, making the diamond center a rose. This simple, yet elegant ring tells your bride how special she is. You don’t need to go over the top to please the simple beauty when what she really wants is your love.

            Finding the perfect ring for your bride is not an easy task. Matching her personality with one of these three bride-types can make finding the right ring a little easier. Here at Mark Schneider Design, you can find additional tips and helpful stories on how to find the perfect ring for your lucky bride.