If you’re lucky enough to receive a gorgeous new piece (or three!) of jewelry this holiday season, then the fun of the season has only just begun. Now that you’ve received your gorgeous jewelry, it’s time to experiment with accessorizing. But as you embark on your fashion journey, there’s something you need to know: how to care for your new accessory. The truth is that millions of people will receive jewelry this holiday season, but less than half of them know how to care for their new pieces. In order to ensure that your jewelry pieces last as long as possible, it’s important to understand how to care for them. We’ve simplified the process to six easy steps. Read through the list, implement the steps, and you’ll have a jewelry collection that will be passed through generations to come.

1.Create a Home

The best thing you can do for your new piece of bling is find it a safe home. Be sure to never toss your jewelry in the bottom of a handbag or on the bathroom sink. Instead, get a jewelry box with individual sections (one section for each piece of jewelry you plan to store) and immediately put your piece of jewelry away when you take it off. It might seem like an annoying rule to implement, but you’ll thank yourself in a few years.

2.Travel Smart

If you’re on the go with your jewelry, be sure to bring a small pouch for storage. Whether you need to take your piece of jewelry off on the plane, in the car, or at dinner, place it directly in its pouch. In addition, be sure to keep only one piece in each pouch. When multiple pieces are stored together they can scratch and create dents.

3.Go Easy

If you’re planning a day at the beach or a session of hot yoga at the gym, be sure to leave your jewelry at home. Sweat, sunscreen, water, and sun can all harm your jewelry. Make the effort to take extra care and your piece will last for years to come.

4.Messes Require a Professional

If your piece of jewelry needs a quick touch up, you can use a soft brush, water, and mild soap to clean it. (Be sure to never use anything sharp!) However, if your piece of jewelry is seriously dirty, it’s best to take it into a professional. Even though it might be inconvenient for you to make the trek, it’s worth it to ensure that your piece stays perfect. Also, cleanings are free at most jewelers, so don’t let cost be a deciding factor.

5.Inspect Your Jewelry

When you wear a piece of jewelry regularly, it’s often hard to notice the true shape that it’s in. Because of that, it’s important to regularly inspect your jewelry for any blemishes, dents or dings. The sooner you catch them, the sooner they can be fixed and the less damage they will be able to do. Preventative care is always the best care.

6.Dry, Cool, and Safe

A common mistake that women make with their jewelry is storing it in the bathroom. Even though the bathroom is a wonderful place to get ready, it’s a lousy place to store jewelry. The humidity and heat from the shower can rapidly damage your jewelry. Instead, store your jewelry in your bedroom or closet.