Holiday parties are the epitome of festiveness. But despite an overall festive theme, holiday parties can vary drastically in form, nature and itinerary. From playing silly office party games to sitting by the fire sipping champagne with your best friends, parties during the holidays are unique affairs. Because of this, it’s important to accessorize appropriately and be prepared for any occasion. Instead of focusing on the best types of jewelry to wear, it’s much simpler to focus on the perfect colors for holiday parties of any kind. To ensure that you’re ready for whatever this holiday season brings, follow the three simple color recommendations below.

1)      Red

Red is a holiday classic for a reason. Known for being cheery, fun and bright, red is a party color. However, because red is a holiday standard, it’s important to make it your own. Instead of simply wearing red gemstone earrings, match the color of your jewels to your lipstick. Not only will this further highlight the beauty of your gems, but it will also double the holiday cheer.

2)      Blue

As the unofficial color of winter, it’s hard to ignore the wonder of blue accessories. Whether you prefer sapphire or aquamarine, blue is an ideal color for the holiday party accessories because it is festive without being obvious. Rings are the perfect way to effortlessly incorporate blue in an outfit. In fact, the Exclusive Tanzanite ring would be the perfect place to start. With a gorgeous and whimsical shape, Exclusive Tanzanite perfectly captures the holiday mood.

3)      Diamonds

When it comes to sparkle, diamonds can’t be beat. Since winter is the season of snow days, glistening icicles and Christmas lights, diamonds are the perfect holiday accessories. Regardless of size or cut, diamonds will add sparkle and cheer to any holiday party outfit. Even if the party is informal, diamonds are still wonderful to incorporate. In order to create a look that is more relaxed, opt for jewelry pieces that utilize diamonds in unexpected ways.