Celebrities seem to have it all: beautiful clothes, dream careers and stylish accessories. Although it may appear that they are perfect, the truth is that celebrities are just like everyone else. The good news is that this means you can steal their style secrets. Whether you obsessively follow celebrity culture or merely tune in a few times per year during awards show season, these tips will ensure that you’re accessorizing like a celebrity in no time.

1) Layers
It seems that Hollywood has gone crazy for layers. From layering outfits to layering makeup, layers are everywhere, and jewelry is no exception. In fact, layering is most prominent in accessorizing. Whether you’re new to the concept of layers or are a seasoned pro, there are endless possibilities for layered jewelry. If you’re new to layering, it’s best to begin with necklaces. Not only do layered necklaces require minimal strategy, but they are also a guaranteed way to spice up an otherwise plain or minimal outfit. To begin, choose a necklace that is both long and thin. Next, layer the longer necklace with a shorter necklace. For the best results, opt for a shorter necklace that is also thin, but shorter than the first necklace. The short necklace is the perfect place to add personal style and a bit of flair. Choose a pendant that complements your outfit or skin tone and you’re good to go. The Crab Pendant is the ideal choice for a shorter necklace. In fact, it would look stunning layered with the Glowing Ember Necklace.

2) Small and Thin
In the world of celebrity accessorizing, bigger isn’t always best. In fact, the opposite is true: less is more. Instead of opting for oversized pieces that will cause a scene, choose pieces that are delicate. By utilizing accessories that are smaller, you’ll ultimately be creating a look that is polished and powerful. Whether you’re going to the office or a club, less is truly more.

3) One Statement
Although small and thin might rule the day in celebrity jewelry collections, there is still a place for statement pieces. The lesson to take away from celebrity accessorizing is that a single statement piece is more powerful than five statement pieces combined.