With summer comes swimwear. From lazy days spent relaxing by the pool to family bonfires at the beach, chances are that many of your summer days will be spent in a swimsuit. The options for swimwear are endless: tops with elaborate back straps, gorgeous one-piece cutouts and even fringe will be on trend this summer. In other words, swimwear no longer requires sacrificing style. In fact, swimwear is the perfect canvas for beautiful jeweled accessories. Because swimsuits boast minimal fabric, they are the perfect way to highlight exceptional jewelry. Follow the tips below in order to shine in your swimwear this summer.

1)      Minimal

When it comes to pool wear, follow your bikini’s lead and opt for minimalism. Swimsuits are made with small amounts of fabric and as a result, it’s important that your accessories follow suit. Instead of choosing a chunky statement necklace, opt for a small pendant or thin chain. The Glowing Ember Necklace and dainty Daisy Pendant are ideal for a day in the sun because the gemstones are modest in size, but still pack a punch.

2)      Colors Matter

In the same way it’s important to accessorize outfits based on color, it’s also important to note the colors on swimwear. Swimsuits are like any other outfit and require careful color coordinating. If your swimwear boasts a multi-colored design or pattern, then the best thing to do is choose one color within the pattern and accessorize accordingly. When choosing the color to use, be sure to consider your hair color, eye color, and skin tone because it’s important that your jewelry complements all aspects of your appearance. If your swimwear is a solid color, it’s best to choose complementary colors for your accessories. For example, a dark purple swimsuit would look stunning with light green or yellow accessories.

3)      Safety First

Although fashion is important, taking care of your gemstones is always paramount. When accessorizing for a day spent by the pool or at the beach, it’s crucial to ensure that you will not accidentally find yourself in the water with your gemstones still attached. Water could severely damage gemstone jewelry and it’s best to not take a chance with your gorgeous accessories.  However, many pool days are more about socializing and lounging than any actual swimming. If that is the case for you, then accessorize to your heart’s content.