It often feels as if the majority of winter is spent in a coat. Venturing to dinner or stopping by the store no longer requires one outfit. Instead, wintertime demands two separate ensembles: the inner outfit and the outerwear. When the temperature begins to drop and air changes from brisk to brutal, coats become fashion statements. Suddenly, no outfit is complete without a jacket, gloves, scarf and hat. In fact, the original, inner outfit becomes completely hidden by outerwear. To ensure that personal style isn’t compromised during the colder months, it’s crucial to accessorize outerwear.

When your scarf is wrapped tightly around your neck and your coat is completely fastened, necklaces and bracelets are easily obscured. In fact, even rings are made invisible by gloves. Instead of succumbing to a jewelry free appearance, wear earrings. Earrings are the perfect answer to the outerwear accessories question. Despite being bundled up for the cold weather, earrings will still shine through.

When wearing only a coat, any style of earring will work. Because there is no scarf creating a line against the neck, studs, dangling or teardrop all work perfectly as a way to liven up bulky outerwear. However, when a coat and scarf are worn at the same time, it’s important to choose earring length carefully. Scarves block off the neck and create a new neckline. As a result, it’s crucial to choose earrings that don’t dangle too low and infringe upon the neckline of your outerwear. In other words, it’s best to choose earrings that end above your scarf. By choosing earrings of the appropriate length, your outfit will look sharp and put together.

Another way to create an outerwear outfit that flows is pins. Pins are truly the ideal winter accessory because they can be attached almost anywhere to create a simple yet stylish look. For the best wintertime results, fasten a pin to the lapel of your coat. If you’re feeling daring, try attaching the pin to a plain wool hat or beanie in order to add flair and personal style to an otherwise plain piece of clothing. Ultimately, winter is another season during which to embrace creativity and new accessories. After all, personal style is trendy year round.