How to Care for Wedding Rings

You finally have your dream ring. The proposal was perfect and the wedding ceremony was divine. You’re back from the honeymoon and are beginning to settle in to life with your real life honey. Wedding ring care is an often-overlooked post-wedding task. In fact, it’s a lifelong undertaking. To ensure the quality, beauty and longevity of your gorgeous new bling, follow these simple steps.

1)      Cleanliness is a Virtue

When it comes to cleaning your ring, proactivity is key. Instead of waiting until your diamonds visibly sparkle less, schedule cleaning appointments with your local jeweler every two to three months. Although two to three months is ideal, the maximum time between professional cleans should be six months, or twice a year. In between professional cleans, feel free to wash your band in a mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid. Cleaning with this gentle mixture between visits will ensure that lotion, shampoo or body wash do not become stuck to your ring.

2)      Maintenance is Key

Maintenance is an important part of caring for your ring. Bring your ring to a jeweler once every six months for a prong check-up. The jeweler will ensure that the prongs are tight and secure. Loose settings can lead to dislodged diamonds. To avoid a frantic, tear-filled search, check that your ring is in tip shop shape twice a year. Schedule a ring cleaning and check-up at the same time and you’ll be worry free for the next few months.

3)      Take it Off

Although typical advice states to take off your ring as little as possible in order to avoid losing it or having it stolen, there are a few times when removing your ring is the smart thing to do. Prolonged exposure to water can cause hands to shrink for a small period of time. As a result, there’s an increased chance of your ring falling in a pool drain or down the kitchen sink. Avoid potential disaster by carefully removing your ring before engaging in these activities. Never place your ring on the edge of a counter or pool. Instead, have a small box or ring case for your bands.

Much like your marriage, your ring is for life. You and your partner made an investment in each other and your future together. Respect that investment by always showing your ring love and respect.