During the work week, life is hectic and fast paced. In order to fit everything into a single 24-hour period, compromise and planning are often required. Working out is one of the areas in which planning can make all the difference. Whether you work out before work at the company gym or sneak in a quick cardio session after the day is done, chances are that you’ll find yourself changing from work clothes to workout clothes or vice versa at your job. Although you may have your bag packed and your running shoes ready, there is an item that is often overlooked when squeezing in your workout: jewelry. In order to ensure that your jewelry is well cared for taken care of, it’s important to plan ahead. As the old adage goes, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” Take the guesswork out of jewelry care by following the tips below.


The first thing to do when preparing for a workout is to remove all gemstone jewelry. In order to ensure that your jewels are safe from scratches or other injuries, it’s critical to remove them before working out. When taking off jewelry, be sure that you have the proper storage units ready to use before removing the jewels.


Storing gemstones is often seen as a tricky task, and although there are a few fundamental requirements for gemstone storage containers, it is not as difficult as it may appear. When storing jewelry before a workout, opt for jewelry cases or jewelry pouches with individual compartments for each piece. In fact, it’s often best to have separate jewelry boxes altogether. By opting for cases that are specifically designed for a particular piece of jewelry, your jewelry will be even safer during transportation or movement. For example, the Glowing Ember Necklace should be stored in a long, thin necklace box, while the Emerald Simplicity Ring would be best suited in a ring box. When working out after work, it’s important to plan ahead and bring the proper storage containers for each piece of jewelry worn to work that day.


After removing and storing, the next step is securing your jewelry. Most gyms have lockers, so be sure to utilize the lockers at your workout facility. Even beyond that, be sure to research the specifics at your gym. In some cases, locks are provided or even attached to the lockers. However, other gyms require that their members bring locks. Either way, be sure to arrive prepared, and never leave your jewelry unlocked or unattended. Ultimately, the key to a successful post-work workout is preparation and planning.