Smiles are the most noticeable part of a face. Whether you’re meeting someone for the first time or interacting with a co-worker, chances are that you notice their teeth. After all, our culture uses smiles to convey countless non-verbal cues: happiness, gratitude, and forgiveness. But even beyond that, a stunningly white smile can change your entire appearance. Although there are countless whitening solutions, one of the simplest is often overlooked: jewelry. Yes, jewelry can help teeth sparkle and shine. If you need a quick whiteness boost before a dinner party or lunch date, then follow the simple tips below.

1)      Red

Red lipstick is notorious for making teeth appear whiter. However, most people don’t know that red gemstone jewelry can create the same effect. If red lipstick doesn’t match your outfit or is simply too bold, opt for red accessories instead. Specifically, try red earrings. The contrast between red and white is so drastic that your teeth will automatically appear whiter. If you’re feeling extra daring, then try a red lip with red gemstone accessories as well. Be sure to choose jewelry without undertones of orange, as orange undertones will highlight the yellow in teeth.

2)      Sparkle

Glittering accessories are an excellent way to create the appearance of a whiter smile. In fact, white gold and diamonds are the ideal combination. The sparkle from the jewelry will create the illusion of dazzling teeth. However, it’s important to strike the perfect balance when choosing gemstones that sparkle. Clear gemstones, like diamonds, are ideal because there are no colored undertones. Also, don’t choose accessories that are too sparkly because they could outshine your smile altogether.

3)      Blue

Perhaps the most surprising tip on the list is to utilize blue jewelry. Because blue contrasts with the yellow in enamel, blue accessories will instantly create a brighter smile. In fact, blue doesn’t even need to be the prominent color in the piece of jewelry. As long as there are blue undertones, the whiteness in your teeth is sure to pop. Sapphire and Aquamarine are the perfect gemstones to start with, but be sure to get creative!