Bridal Jewelry Decoded: How To Choose The Perfect Jewelry For Your Wedding Day

When it comes to preparation for a wedding, bridal jewelry can easily get lost in the shuffle. After all, there are wedding bands to ponder, vows to write, guests to invite, and gowns to choose. But bridal jewelry plays an undeniably important role in the overall splendor of your day. Without the perfect earrings, a flawless necklace, or the correct gemstone, no wedding day outfit is complete. Don’t make the mistake of leaving bridal jewels for the last minute. Instead, follow our simple guide to bridal bling and you’ll be sparkling on your big day—literally.

Your wedding dress is your ultimate spotlight piece, and your jewels need to behave accordingly. The general rule for matching bridal jewelry to your dress is straightforward: the more detailed the gown, the less jewelry. Further complement your gown by carefully choosing metals. The perfect metal will not only draw attention to the parts of your dress you adore, but also highlight your beauty.  For a white dress, silver, white gold, or platinum is the only way to go. Gold can look jarring against a truly white dress and even out of place. However, for an ivory hued gown, gold is the clear winner. It will subtly illuminate the dress’s undertones while creating an effortless glow.  

If your dress is the softer color of diamond white, then the choice is yours. Both gold and silver jewelry will look stunning because each color will highlight a particular element of the dress. Paired with a diamond white dress, gold accessories will create a softer and subtler look, while silver or white gold will add more drama and sparkle.

After choosing the metal, it’s time to decide upon gems. Although occasionally thought of as the “safe” choice, pearls and diamonds are considered wedding classics for a reason. Timeless, classy and gorgeous, both pearls and diamonds ensure that you’ll never look back on photos from your big day and want to cringe. They also photograph spectacularly and create a look of effortless sophistication that dates back to the ancient Greeks. In the ancient world, Grecian brides wore pearls because they were believed to create long-lasting marital harmony.

For a more daring look, colored gemstones are a wonderful way to add some color to your big day. Pink, blue, and green are popular hues among bold brides. To ensure that your jewels don’t outshine you, try on your gems with your back to the mirror.  Quickly turn around. Did you first notice your face or the jewels? If the answer is the latter, you might need a simpler design. After all, you’re the shining star of your wedding day and no accessory, no matter how stunning, should outshine you.