From business genius Steve Jobs in his signature outfit of a black turtleneck and light colored jeans to revolutionary art director and founder of the female “uniform,” Matilda Kahl in a white blouse and black slacks, signature uniforms are the latest trend in the world of fashion. In addition to creating a stress-free morning, self-made “uniforms” also establish you as a memorable authority. After all, when you’re known for your outfit, it’s simple to call your face to mind.

Instead of fretting every morning over what you should wear, how to wear it and inevitably regretting your decision anyways, try crafting a signature uniform. Whether you go into an office each day or stay at home to work from your laptop, try your hand at a signature look. Chances are that you’ll never go back to the morning scramble.

When decorating a room, the first decision is color. Choosing the color scheme determines the rest of the decisions. Clothing should be the same. When creating a signature uniform, start by choosing a main color. Typical color palettes include: black, gray, or brown. Base your choice on what you feel comfortable in, but also on what complements your skin tone. If gray is your color of choice, then opt for pieces that have a gray base. In other words, choose colors that are variations of gray.

In order to ensure that your wardrobe is still colorful, utilize jewelry as a pop of color. Once again, it’s best to choose a general color palette for jewelry as well. For example, blue hued jewelry looks stunning with blue eyes. If blue is your color, then focus on jewelry that is in the blue family: turquoise, aqua, navy, and green. 

Instead of creating a wardrobe filled with individual matching outfits, craft a wardrobe in which everything matches. In order to accomplish this task, it’s crucial to fully commit to color palettes. With black, gray, or brown as the base color, it’s simple to match every piece. Similarly, be sure that every jewelry piece matches as well. The most important way to accomplish this is by curating a collection with a single metal: gold or platinum.