HOW TO LAYER JEWELRY jewelry is currently all the rage. From celebrities to bloggers and students to mothers, it seems that everyone is jumping on the layering train. It’s a look that is deceptively simple. After all, it seems that all that is required is a few necklaces and a couple of rings. But the truth is that layering jewelry is an art. Length, width, and shape must all be considered when creating a layered look. The best layers appear effortless, but are actually carefully crafted. Whether you’re a layering pro or are aching to try the trend for the first time, these tips will ensure your layers are effortlessly perfect.


It’s almost impossible to emphasize just how important it is to layer with pieces of jewelry that are different widths. It’s crucial to combine thin necklaces with thicker necklaces. The same is true for rings. By using jewelry pieces with different widths, dimension is added to the look. By adding dimension, the look is decidedly intentional and chic. For all layering, it’s important to have a very delicate or thin item that is layered with thicker or bolder items. For a minimalistic look, you can opt for only thin items, but generally it’s best to mix thin and thick. Often, it’s not even necessary to purchase a “thin” necklace. Simply remove the pendant from a necklace you already own and you’re halfway there.


With rings, it’s particularly important to layer with different shapes. Sometimes, people opt for layered rings on the same finger. However, it has become increasingly trendy to “layer” with rings on the same hand but on different fingers. If you’re new to layering, try wearing a ring on your ring finger and pointer finger. Once you’re more comfortable, feel free to experiment. When choosing shapes, opt for styles that are similar but slightly different. This will ensure that the rings complement one another while still creating an edgy look. For example, a circular ring and an oval ring are a match made in heaven.


One of the newest trends with layering is the “collared” look. Essentially, a collar is created with chunky necklaces. Often, this look is worn with an actual collared shirt and the necklaces rest slightly underneath the shirt’s collar. To partake in this trend, opt for jewelry that is chunky and relatively short. For beginners, choose two pieces that are similar lengths, with one slightly longer, and wear them together. Worn with confidence, this look is phenomenal.