In the past few years, eyeglasses have become a fashion accessory in their own right. From “hipster” glasses with thick black frames to subtle reading glasses used as a prop, glasses have nudged their way onto the fashion scene. Whether you wear glasses for fun or need them to see, it’s important to create a look that incorporates your eyewear. As any glasses-wearer knows, glasses are a prominent part of the face. In order to create a cohesive ensemble that incorporates eyewear, embrace the notion of glasses as fashion and follow these easy tips.

1)Embrace the Look

As anyone who wears eyeglasses will tell you, it’s absolutely crucial to embrace the look of glasses. Instead of finding ways to camouflage your glasses with jewelry, embrace the entire ensemble. One surprising way to do this is with longer earrings. Earrings that dangle are a bold fashion statement within themselves, but when paired with glasses, the look is unstoppable. In addition, dangling earrings will ensure that there is enough space between your bling and your frames. In other words, the two items won’t clash.


With glasses of any kind, balance is key. In the same way it’s crucial to ensure that your eyeglasses complement your face shape, it’s also important to ensure that your jewelry complements both of the above. In order to avoid an accessory overload, choose jewelry that matches the overall aesthetic of your glasses. If your glasses are nerdy chic, then choose jewelry that enhances that look. Also, it might be a good idea to own more than one pair of glasses for different outfits. In the same way you own more than one necklace for separate looks, it’s useful to own additional pairs of glasses as well.

3)Necklaces are Great

There’s a lot of debate regarding earrings and glasses. Some people believe that studs are the best while others insist on dangling earrings. Perhaps the ultimate answer is choosing neither and opting for a statement necklace instead. Because glasses and earrings often share the same space on your face, it can be a good idea to accessorize a different part of your body altogether. Necklaces are the perfect choice for minimalistic eyeglass wearers because they don’t detract from the aesthetic of glasses. Regardless of your eyeglass preference, be sure to create a look that makes you happy.