Men spend countless hours choosing the perfect ring for their future wife. From sneakily securing ring sizes to scouring Pinterest boards, husbands-to-be understand the importance of finding the perfect ring for their fiancée. However, men rarely give the same care and consideration to the task of choosing a wedding band for themselves. According to mainstream society, engagement rings are the primary focus. But the truth is that most men wear a wedding band every single day for the rest of their lives. In other words, it’s an important decision! Don’t wait until the last minute to scramble for a ring for your future spouse. Instead, follow these simple tips for securing the perfect male bling.

1)      Details

Sparkle is often the focal point in rings targeted at women, but the truth is that the possibilities are endless: engravings, stripes, and floral designs. The same is true for men. Although some men opt for a plain band in gold or platinum, many modern men are choosing rings with subtle bling. Men’s rings can include small diamonds, colored gemstones, ribbing and geometric designs. When choosing a wedding band for your future husband, start by discussing his taste in details. Understanding your man’s overall aesthetic will ensure that the perfect ring is secured.

2)      Collaboration

Typically, wedding band shopping is a joint activity. Man and future wife come together to choose the rings that will be exchanged on the big day. However, the collaboration doesn’t need to stop there. Some couples choose matching wedding bands that are identical, but regardless of your opinions about twin rings, it’s important to find rings that complement one another. Ultimately, wedding bands are a lifelong symbol of commitment and it’s crucial to have rings that are visual companions. Complementary rings could mean having the same color or simply a similar design.

3)      Width

For men’s rings, width is an important factor because it ultimately determines the ring’s overall look. Of course, width preferences vary from person to person and often depend on the size of a man’s hands. Typically, men opt for a 6mm or 8mm width. For reference, 6mm is the size of three stacked nickels, while 8mm is four. Ultimately, the key to choosing the perfect wedding band is communication and preparation. It’s never too early to start looking!