According to the time-old saying, “Eyes are the windows to the soul.” Although that might be slightly overstated, there’s no doubt that a person’s eyes are one of his or her most noticeable features. In fact, it’s often the feature that is first noticed during introductions. Whether your eyes are a deep brown or light blue, there is a simple way to make your eye color truly pop: jewelry. Although your first instinct might be to match your jewelry and eye color, it’s actually best to opt for colored gemstones that subtly highlight your eye color. Matching colors can actually distract and cause both eye color and jewelry to go unnoticed. Instead of matching, follow the simple eye color guide below and you’ll have eyes that “pop” in no time.

1)      Blue Eyes

For blue eyes, the color question is surprisingly simple: brown, silver and gray. By opting for colors that are more neutral, the flecks of color in blue eyes are highlighted. As a result, the blue is able to truly shine. Agate and quartz are the best gemstones to help blue eyes sparkle.

2)      Hazel Eyes

Hazel colored eyes are undeniably stunning. With hints of green, brown and even blue, hazel colored eyes are always shifting. Because of this, it’s important to choose jewelry that highlights all elements of the mysterious hazel color. Instead of choosing green or brown gemstones, opt for pinks and purples. These romantic hues allow hazel colored eyes to shine in all their glory. When shopping for gemstones to complement hazel eyes, choose Pink Tourmaline or Amethyst.

3)      Brown Eyes

Brown eyes have inspired countless artists throughout the years. From Van Morrison’s song “Brown Eyed Girl” to “Brown Eyes” by Lady Gaga, brown eyes have been immortalized in popular culture. To truly highlight brown eyes, opt for green or blue gemstones. The contrast will allow brown eyes to steal the show. Blue Sapphire or Emerald would be the perfect place to start.

4)      Green Eyes

As the most rare eye color in the world, green eyes are remarkably special. In order to make them shine even more, opt for jewelry that is gold or gray. In other words, the possibilities are almost endless! Both silver and gold jewelry looks wonderful with green.