Grossing over $215 million worldwide during opening weekend alone, the Hunger Games series is an international phenomenon. Based on Suzanne Collins’ wildly successful young adult book series, the movie adaptations have managed to reach a bigger audience than ever before. Although the story seems to possess a typical teenage love triangle, the series is actually about much more than unrequited love. Collins’ story possesses insightful commentary on society’s social and political structures. However, the concepts are effortlessly explored through the terrible phenomenon of the fictional Hunger Games. Each year, “tributes” are selected from each part of the nation to forcibly participate in a fight to the death while the rest of the world watches from the comfort of their home. The story is both riveting and thought provoking.

While the world waits for the final two installments of the Hunger Games movies to hit theatres, pay homage to the world of Katniss Evergreen by trying the three Hunger Games inspired jewelry trends below.

1)      Sentiment

When Katniss is forced into the Hunger Games arena, she brings a single item—her Mockingjay pin. The pin is meaningful to her because it represents home. Tap into your sentimental side by having a piece of handcrafted jewelry engraved for someone you love. Not only will the words serve as a reminder of your love, but the piece itself will also be cherished. After all, jewelry always makes for the best gift.

2)      Extravagance

In The Hunger Games, the Capitol is where the corrupt and power-hungry leaders reside. Although the Capitol may not be known for its superior morals, it is known for fashion. When Katniss attends the Capitol’s ball, the outfits are delightfully outrageous. If there’s one positive lesson to learn from the The Hunger Games Capitol, it’s that a little bit of extravagance can be a good thing in fashion. For jewelry, extravagance may mean an elaborate ring or a sparkling gemstone necklace. Regardless of the particular piece, be sure to always embrace bold choices.

3)      Brown Hues

When Katniss isn’t forced to dress in elaborate outfits for trips to the Capitol, her favorite color is brown. Known as a classic hue, browns are always in style. In fact, jewelry with brown hued stones is currently on trend. In order to truly embrace your inner Katniss, consider embracing the beautiful colors found in the Guardian Pendant with Agate.