Have you ever purchased a book with the intention of reading it later…but then never actually gotten around to it? If you’ve experienced this with books, then it’s possible you may have experienced this same phenomenon with something else— like jewelry.

Unfortunately, sometimes our eyes are bigger than our stomachs, or in this case, our eye for jewelry is bigger than the space in our jewelry box! However, if a concerted effort is made to actually use the designer jewelry we own, it frees us from the guilt of acquiring more. The trick is to make it easier to wear the jewelry we own, and also to make it more fun to pick out and put on jewelry.

An easy way to make your jewelry more available is by putting it somewhere within easy reach. For instance, if there is a space where you get ready everyday—say in front of your closet—put your jewelry nearby. The reasoning is simple enough— if the jewelry is in sight, not only will it be easier to access, but it will serve as a reminder to wear the items you have.

Another tip on utilizing the pieces you own is to limit yourself to wearing each piece no more than once a week. If you are someone who has collected jewelry over the years as presents or souvenirs, then this limit won’t exactly limit you so much as force you to be more bold and creative in your jewelry choices. Sometimes limits are freeing in that they force you to step out of your routine.

If limits are not appealing to you, there is always the option of creating a jewelry schedule. In order to stick to your goal, organizing your jewelry plans helps you adhere to what you have set out to do. One way to schedule what jewelry you will utilize is to assign a specific type of jewelry or jewelry combination to each day of the week. By telling yourself that Mondays will be reserved for pairing a necklace with some statement earrings you are taking a step toward using what you have to the fullest extent.

Making the most of what you own not only alleviates the guilt of buying new jewelry, but it might help you to remember some forgotten pieces that are in some desperate need of attention.