Wedding days are all about brides and grooms. From gasping as the bride walks down the aisle to craning to see the groom’s expression as he views his soon-to-be wife for the first time, wedding days are emotional affairs that celebrate the love between two souls. Although the day is about the newlyweds, the guests are important as well. After all, brides and grooms want to share their big day with the people they love and even beyond that, they want photos of their beloved friends and family. As a result, it’s important to look your best as a wedding guest and jewelry is one of the easiest ways to look put together, classy, and stunning. Follow the tips below in order to shine.

1)      Small is King

Although oversized accessories are simply divine, they may not be the best choice for a wedding, especially if you’re a member of the wedding party. It’s important to remember that wedding photos are around for a lifetime and as a result, it’s crucial to create a classic look that will be relevant for decades. Instead of large accessories, opt for small pendants, stud earrings, and a single bracelet. Your future self will thank you.

2)      Pearls

Pearls are considered timeless for a reason. Even beyond that, pearls are arguably the most classic accessories ever. Because of this, they are perfect for a wedding. In addition, weddings are typically decorated with light colors like pinks, whites, and blues. To embrace the wedding’s theme, opt for white pearls. If you’re feeling particularly daring, choose black or colored pearls as a statement piece.

3)      Colors

Although this isn’t a hard and fast rule, diamonds and other clear gemstones are typically best left to the bride. As the guest at a wedding, colored accessories are the best bet because they will contrast nicely with the white bridal gown and overall light color palette. Some of the best colors include red, dark green, and purple. However, diamonds with yellow hues would also make excellent accessories.

Regardless of what you choose to accessorize with, be sure to choose pieces that make you feel beautiful and confident. Weddings are a day of celebration and joy. And ultimately, joy begins within.