Monday through Thursday, blazers are buttoned and conservative dresses are zipped. But as more and more businesses opt for “Casual Friday,” it can be tricky to navigate the switch between Thursday’s attire and Friday’s outfit. After all, when jeans are worn, your entire outfit is altered, even if everything else is the same. Because of this, it’s absolutely crucial to accessorize accordingly. Whether your office has declared that every day is “Casual Friday” and you have a more relaxed dress code, or if “Casual Friday” truly is merely a weekly event, follow these simple tips for navigating the world of casual office wear.

1)Stay Classic

Whether you’re wearing black slacks or light-washed denim jeans, it’s crucial to create a look that is classy and professional. Just because jeans are allowed in the office, doesn’t mean that the rules of office wear no longer exist. In fact, on “Casual Friday,” it’s even more critical that your accessories are on-point. Because the rest of your outfit is more relaxed, it’s important that your accessories are working extra hard to create a professional ensemble. When in doubt, opt for understated pearls and small gemstones with a twist. The Honey Diamond Slice Earrings are the ideal accessory for casual work attire because they are understated enough for a corporate setting yet still create a look that is fun and exciting.

2)Bigger is Better

Arguably, one of the biggest perks of casual office wear is the opportunity to wear jewelry that is big and bold. When wearing a pantsuit or pencil skirt, oversized jewelry may look out of place, but casual attire provides the perfect canvas for jewelry that doesn’t work with daily office wear. In order to fully utilize “Casual Friday” try wearing a piece of jewelry that you had previously deemed “too big” or “too extravagant” for the office. Be sure to create an outfit that caters to the piece of jewelry by opting for clothes with neutral tones and solid colors. The end result is sure to be both stunning and office appropriate.

3)Colors are Key

“Casual Friday” allows opportunity for experimentation and fun. During the work week, your wardrobe colors likely include gray, black and other neutral hues. Because of this, casual days are the perfect opportunity to incorporate colorful hues. If orange is your favorite color or turquoise looks particularly stunning with your eyes, use “Casual Friday” as an excuse to wear colored gemstone jewelry in that color. Before you know it, you’ll be looking forward to Fridays for a whole new reason!