The CW’s latest creation, Jane the Virgin, is whimsical, fashionable and endlessly entertaining. Set in Miami, the show follows the surprising and often hilarious life of Jane Villanueva. Due to a medical mistake, Jane finds herself unexpectedly pregnant with her boss’s baby. Although shocked, Jane decides to keep the baby and continue life as if nothing happened. However, that soon proves to be impossible. Throughout the trials and misadventures of her pregnancy, schooling and job, Jane remains impeccably dressed. With a standard attire of sundresses and wedges, Jane proves that it’s possible to look fashionable while juggling it all. Jane’s secret weapon for accessorizing is simple: necklaces. From chunky designs to layered looks, Jane adds the perfect necklace to every outfit, and you can too.

1)      Chunky

For chunky necklaces, simplicity is often considered most important because the necklace is bold. However, Jane proves that bold and more bold can actually work in unison. During a particularly interesting work shift, Jane finds herself wearing a sparkling mermaid outfit. Instead of allowing her glittering fin to steal the show, Jane pairs her over-the-top attire with a bold necklace. Surprisingly, the necklace balances Jane’s outfit and the look is bold and tasteful. Never shy away from pairing chunky accessories with daring outfits.

2)      Layered

Layered necklaces are Jane’s secret weapon. Whether she’s wearing cotton shorts, jeans or an adorable dress, Jane’s layered necklaces add an element of sophistication to her outfit. The key to wearing necklaces in layers is simplicity. Instead of detracting from the simple beauty of thin, layered chains with dangling earrings opt for small studs or even bare ears instead. Layered neckwear creates a look that is polished, delicate and pretty.

3)      Pendant

Although Jane experiments with bold jewelry and combined chains, her standard accessory is an uncomplicated pendant necklace. In fact, Jane often wears small pendant necklaces to dates and important meetings. After all, jewelry doesn’t always need to be flashy in order to stand out. Pendants are wonderful because they are versatile and unobtrusive; yet, they still add decorative flair to an outfit. To steal Jane’s look, try the Pink Moonrise Pendant. Regardless of personal style or taste, Jane the Virgin proves that there truly is a necklace for every person and every occasion.