This season, there’s a new trend: metallic. Not only are metallic colors gorgeous, but they also add a healthy glow to every skin tone. Metallic is often associated with futuristic garb and oversized headwear, but the truth is that metallic jewelry is perfect for everyday wear. It adds a simple shimmer to any outfit without going over the top and is a fun way to accessorize. If you’re unsure of where metallic fits in your wardrobe, read on for inspiring tips.

1)      Be Creative

Incorporating metallic accessories doesn’t need to be a headache. In fact, it’s crucial to be creative when embracing this trend. Instead of opting for metallic pieces that are over the top, choose accessories that have traces of metallic and are easy to wear with everyday outfits. Because metallic is bold, it may be tempting to embrace that by opting for large accessories. Resist the urge and choose small metallic pieces instead.

2)      Basics

Metallic colors can range from pink to blue and everything in between, but for the purposes of accessorizing, it’s best to stick to the basics. In the world of metallic, silver and gold are classics. Opt for a silver metallic necklace and pair it with colored gemstone earrings. By utilizing basic metallic colors like silver and gold, the trend looks fresh and new.

3)      Shapes

As with most trends, metallic accessories are about more than a specific color. Metallic jewelry is best when shapes are involved. Choose metallic jewelry that utilizes floral shapes and geometric designs in order to create a look that is truly stunning. By pairing metallic colors with certain shapes, the overall effect is interesting without being overdone. As mentioned earlier, metallic colors lend itself to futuristic vibes. It’s best to embrace such pairings. When paired with clever shapes, metallic colors are the ultimate winner.

If you’re unsure whether or not the metallic color trend is for you, feel free to start small. Start with a small metallic necklace or shimmering gold earrings and see how it looks with your skin tone. If you like the look, then plunge ahead into the magical world of metallic accessories. You’ll never look back.