College is a time of intense exploration and growth. It’s perhaps the one time during life in which it is socially acceptable to not know what you want or what your future will hold. But in addition to the notoriously fun times that college provides, students are also bombarded with internships, work, and extracurricular activities. From choosing a major to ultimately deciding on a career path, most college students have their hands full. Often, yoga pants and a tank top is the outfit for a morning class and sleep can feel like an elusive goal. Because of this, it’s crucial that jewelry for college students reflect such a unique lifestyle. Whether you’re in college yourself or simply shopping for a college student you adore, follow these simple tips to find the perfect piece of jewelry.

1)      Simple Pendants

For day to day wear, simple is best when it comes to the college wardrobe. Often, classes feel too early and studying carries on too late. By choosing a necklace that is minimalistic but beautiful, a basic outfit is instantly upgraded. Simple pendants are wonderful because they can be paired with a pair of jeans for a day in the library, but they also add sophistication to a skirt and blouse during a job interview. For inspiration, check out the Mademoiselle Tourmaline Pendant and Enchantment Pendant.

2)      Bold Rings

Whether it’s for a fancy departmental event or a celebratory downtown dinner with friends, college students are often required to dress up for events. Rings make the transition from library chic to nighttime stylish effortless. When it comes to choosing rings for a college student, be sure to opt for designs that are eye-catching because they will add an element of dramatic flare to a simple evening outfit. In fact, the Bubble Citrine Ring would effortlessly upgrade any ensemble.

3)      Earrings

For college students, earrings can range from daring to simple. Often, a simple stud design is perfect for office hours with a professor, but dangling designs can also add an effortless element of fun and excitement to an otherwise simplistic outfit. When choosing earrings for a college student, choose a design that is versatile and personalized. For example, if your college student is never one to leave the house without a full outfit and makeup, then choose earrings that are more daring. Ultimately, college jewelry trends are varied, much like the students themselves.