Twice a year, celebrities, designers and stunning models overtake New York City. Officially branded as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York, New York Fashion Week is a flurry of new designs, coveted ensembles and fabulous new trends. Although the week is not explicitly dedicated to jewelry, accessories are a major component of Fashion Week. In fact, entire outfits are often finalized with the perfect piece of wearable jewelry art. Even beyond that, many of the clothing trends from the runway also transfer to the world of gemstones. Whether you tuned in and eagerly followed the press coverage or accidentally missed out, a look at the three major trends from New York City’s most glamorous week will prepare you for next season’s must-haves.

1)      Minimalistic

Calvin Klein’s designs were shockingly simplistic this season and the fashion world adored them. From tops that were literally sheer to clothing in primary colors, the Calvin Klein collection was daring because it dared to do less. In fact, the jewelry was noticeably minimalistic as well. Minimalism as a trend has been captivating the nation for the past few years. This year, incorporate the motto of “less is more” with simple, understated accessories. Instead of opting for a necklace and a ring, try choosing one or the other once. Not only will the simplistic look of a single piece highlight the individual piece’s beauty, it will also offer the opportunity to showcase a particular feature like eyes, mouth, or wrist.

2)      Circular Details

New York Fashion Week was full of geometric shapes. From angular jackets to rectangular dresses, the runways were alight with primary shapes. However, circles played a particularly large role in Marc Jacobs’ designs. Numerous jackets boasted circular statement buttons and shirts seemed to follow suit. If you’re not ready for such prominently placed roundness, then opt for circular jewelry. Gemstones are perfect for geometric inspired trends because they seamlessly incorporate shapes into their design. If you’re unsure where to start, then check out the Oval Citrine Pendant

3)      Colorful

During New York Fashion Week, Ralph Lauren played with color in a big way. Not only were the clothing designs bursting with colorful hues, but the jewelry was as well. In fact, multiple jewelry pieces that consisted of all the colors of the rainbow graced the runway. To channel Ralph Lauren’s colorful creations, try the Carnelian Drusy Pendant.