The 2016 Oscars was filled with gorgeous fashion. From Cate Blanchett’s sea foam green dress with hand-sewn flowers to Lady Gaga’s stunning white pantsuit, the red carpet was filled with beautiful clothes. But fashion wasn’t the only thing adorning the bodies of Hollywood’s leading ladies. This year, jewelry stole the show. Sparkling gemstones have become common fare on the red carpet, but that doesn’t mean that there weren’t a few surprises. The world’s most glamorous women were decked out in stunning, yet surprisingly simple jewelry this year. In many ways, 2016 was the year of earrings and the Oscars’ red carpet highlighted just how important it is to have the right pair of earrings. Now is the time to make the red carpet trends your own.



In years past, celebrities have been known to cover their bodies in jewels. Dangling earrings were paired with chunky necklaces and thick chokers were worn with stacked bracelets. But this year, that all changed. Instead of pairing jewelry with more jewelry, celebrities opted for one stunning piece paired with bare skin. Even though it may seem like a faux paus to leave skin bare, it’s actually a nod towards the minimalist movement. In many ways, the entire world is focusing on “less is more.” Huge homes have been replaced with tiny houses and overflowing closets have been paired down to capsule wardrobes. Of course, the trend has infiltrated the world of jewelry as well. One piece of jewelry now serves as the focal point on the red carpet and it’s a trend you can incorporate in your own life. Next time you’re getting dressed in the morning, choose your jewelry first. Even better than that, choose one piece of jewelry that will serve as the focal point in your outfit. Once you’ve chosen the piece, create your outfit.




There’s often a misconception that earrings must dangle in order to be seen. However, the truth is that stud earrings can be just as powerful when they are used correctly. This year at the Oscars, Olivia Munn exemplified the notion that when it comes to jewelry, less is truly more. Olivia walked the red carpet in a stunning orange dress and bare neck. Instead of choosing dangling earrings as a way to offset the blank space on her chest, Olivia wore stud earrings instead. By choosing smaller earrings, Olivia highlighted her stunning dress, but more importantly, she looked fresh-faced and youthful. To recreate the look at home, try pairing stud earrings with a piece of statement clothing. One of the reasons Olivia’s look was so successful was because she paired small earrings with a bold, one-shoulder dress. Try your hand at this by opting for a similar combination and you’ll be sure to steal the show.




If there’s one takeaway from the 2016 Oscars’ red carpet, it’s that hairstyle is important. In the same way it’s critical to pair your jewelry with the right clothing, it’s also important to pay close attention to your style of hair. When it comes to long, flowing locks, there is only one style of earrings that works best: dangling. From Kate Winslet to Lady Gaga, the red carpet was filled with ladies in stunning earrings that dangled, and the one thing they had in common was their hair. When your hair is down, it’s easy for your jewelry to seem less important and prominent. To avoid that, it’s important to choose earrings that complement your hair color and stand out, and luckily, diamonds are an excellent way to achieve both objectives.