Your engagement ring is a big deal. It’s the ring that you will show all of your friends and the ring that you will use to announce your engagement to co-workers, family, and social media alike. But even beyond that, it’s a symbol. It’s a symbol of the love that you share with your future spouse. It represents your unique, loving, and hilarious relationship. Through the hard times and good times, it will serve as a reminder of your love. It will remind you of your inside jokes, the crazy ways that he makes you laugh, and the romantic moments that you’ve shared. Your engagement ring symbolizes the promise of a shared future and the hope that the future will be even better than the past. In many ways, your ring is a symbol of your relationship and all of the unique quirks in your partner that you adore. Because of that, it’s important to choose a ring that is uniquely you. Engagement ring trends will come and go. The trends cycle through—rose gold, platinum, round stones, and princess cut. But the one constant is your love for one another and that’s why it’s crucial to pick a ring that is unique. Whether you’re just starting the search or are knee deep in designs, take a chance to explore a few unique designs. You won’t regret it.

The Showstopper

When it comes to engagement rings, there are a lot of options. However, some of the best designs are often the most unique. Even though a lot of engagement rings feature center stones set in raised prongs, very few incorporate a raised center diamond and double band design together. The Bedazzle Engagement Ring is unique because it does both without being too flashy. If you’ve always dreamed of a show stopping engagement ring, but don’t want too much bling, then this ring is for you. With 44 pave set diamonds in the band, this ring will stop traffic, in all the right ways.

Room to Breathe

The Fire Engagement Ring brings a uniquely minimal twist to an otherwise traditional ring. With open shanks on either side of the band, the center stone becomes the focal point. Unlike many contemporary designs, the band does not have any diamonds. It is a playful departure from the traditional design of diamonds set down each side of the center stone. With a simple approach and clean lines, the Fire Engagement Ring is perfect for the minimalistic, stylish bride.

Mystic Engagement Ring

Flower Power

Floral engagement rings have been sweeping the jewelry industry by storm. Roses are traditional symbols of love and devotion, and floral engagement rings bring the flowers to life through unique designs. Although there are countless different styles, one of the most unique designs is the Mystic Engagement Ring. Modeled after a flower, the ring’s band has been carefully crafted into a stem with leaves that surrounds the center bud. To finish the illusion, the center stone is raised and held in place by four prongs. The result is truly spectacular.

Mystic Engagement Ring

All Tangled Up

The Entangle Engagement Ring is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Instead of adhering to the traditional style of just diamonds, Entangle combines stunning diamonds with blue sapphires. The result is breathtaking. True to its name, the ring’s bands overlap and surround the center stone, which is ultimately the focal point. Finally, there is a ring that is as unique as your love for each other.