The official “Royal Jewels” might be on permanent display in the Tower of London, but with Kate Middleton as a member of England’s royal family, there seems to be a royal jewel among us. Known for her elegant, sophisticated and flattering style, Middleton has breathed new life into royal family fashion, and jewelry is no exception. Taking our cues from Her Royal Highness Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, we present the top five royal jewelry trends.

1)      Brooches

For Kate Middleton, every day demands dignity and class and her outfits deliver on that demand. Perhaps the most notable and sophisticated jewelry accessories employed by the Duchess of Cambridge are brooches. Worn carefully pinned to a blazer lapel or winter coat collar, brooches instantly add a personal touch to an outfit. From a maple leaf pin to one with dolphins, Her Royal Highness Catherine, knows how to subtly shine. To recreate the royal look, try pairing the Manta Ray Pin with a dark brown blazer.

2)      Stud Earrings

Kate Middleton might not be the Queen of England, but she is certainly the queen of stud earrings. Worn in a variety of colors and styles, stud earrings are a staple for the Duchess of Cambridge. Both understated diamond studs and sparkling colored gemstones are favorite accessories for Kate. 

3)      Extravagant Gems

Kate Middleton may ooze understated class, but even the most minimalistic dressers find it hard to resist serious bling, and Kate is no exception. When royal jewels run in the family, over the top accessories are readily available. The Duchess of Cambridge was photographed wearing a stunning diamond necklace that was on loan from Queen Elizabeth. Channel your inner Royal Highness with extravagant gemstones like the Celestial Drusy Pendant.

4)      Teardrop Earrings

Stud earrings are wonderful for a minimalistic edge, but when it comes time to upgrade, Kate’s choice is stunning: teardrop earrings. Because teardrop shaped jewels are smaller at the top than the bottom, they not only elongate the face, but also add the illusion of extra shine to hair.