It’s the most wonderful time of the year: summer. The cold, gray days of winter are finally gone and the sun is here to stay. Your days are filled with relaxing by the beach and cooking out by the pool. It’s the time of year when it seems that nature is everywhere. The brilliantly colored flowers greet you in the morning as you walk to your car and the cliffs that overlook the ocean seem angular and gorgeous. Luckily, summer fun doesn’t have to be limited to weekend adventures. This year, the beauty of nature can be found in jewelry.

Jewelry design has always been inspired by the natural world. Whether as overt as floral engagement rings or as subtle as the circular diamond that mimics the moon, nature is always visible in jewelry design. In fact, the only reason designer jewelry is able to exist is because of the natural gemstones that are found in the earth. Even though jewelry has always been inspired by nature, and made possible by nature’s creations, there is a particular element of nature that is being celebrated this summer: curves. You’ve seen the curves of cliffs that overlook a valley and the curves of a wave as it breaks on a beach. This summer, curves are being celebrated in jewelry as well. We’ve uncovered some of our favorite examples of nature’s curves in jewelry.


Each spring, flowers bloom. They start as tiny bulbs in the ground that are barely bigger than your palm, but they grow into gorgeous, multi-colored plants. Through sheer determination and a bit of help from water and sun, the flowers bloom. As the flowers stretch towards the sun in preparation for summer, it’s easy to see the curve of their stems. Sometimes, the flowers are bent forwards and seem to be reaching for the ground. Other times, they bend sideways in the wind. The petals follow suit. Instead of slowly falling to the ground as the flower ages, the petals will often drift slowly out of focus. They break off one by one and follow the flower’s natural shape as they drift to the ground. The beauty of this process is perfectly captured in the Rosebud Engagement Ring. Mimicking a flower’s upward reach for the sun, the engagement ring is a gorgeous reminder of a flower’s journey.


The Endear Engagement Ring is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Instead of having a single solid band, it has a divided band. Even though it creates the illusion of multiple bands, the ring’s double band is merely for show. Gliding across the wearer’s finger in the same way a wave glides across the beach, this ring is subtly reminiscent of summer days at the beach. After looping back and forth, the band crosses and then once again, the “waves” go their separate ways. The beauty of the ocean is captured in this engagement ring, and the comparison is fitting. The endless nature of the ocean is symbolic for the wearer’s marriage: everlasting.


The Escape Engagement Ring lives up to its name. Mirroring the intricate beauty of sandstone cliffs, the ring is detailed and stunning. Formed over thousands of years by the sea, sandstone boasts some of the most breathtaking formations in the world. The curves of the stones are each unique, but they overlap in the perfect manner and ultimately create a stunning visual. The curves serve as the perfect shelter for the diamond that rests in the center.