One of the hottest trends this fall is the layered—or stacked—ring trend. The layered ring trend boils down to wearing rings that you can layer or stack onto your fingers. This trend is not limited to rings that are literally stacked or layered on top of each other, but the layering of multiple rings on more than one finger.

If the fashion gods-that-be were truly honest, then they would admit that this new trend is not exactly new. The layered trend was pioneered back in the 90’s by Phoebe in Friends. The kooky songstress regularly layered her rings, so really this new trend is in fact retro. Regardless of the novelty of the trend, it’s a hit with celebrities.

A few of the famous ladies who have hopped on the layered ring wagon include Florence Welch, Gabriella Wilde, Jennifer Lopez, Lily Collins, Rihanna, Rita Ora, and Zoe Saldana. Many of these ladies have also (inadvertently?) tapped into multiple fall trends with the ways they layer their rings.

Rihanna has been spotted pairing animal themed rings in her layering style. Zoe Saldana also doubled-up on the trends by incorporating animal themed jewelry, with a prominent statement piece all while layering her rings. Florence Welch chose to layer snake rings on both hands while incorporating a halo diamond ring as the most eye-catching piece.

These fashionable ladies are boldly leading the way for style amateurs, and it’s important to take a cue from them and experiment to find your own ring layering mojo. Layering your rings is a fun and easy trend to try and provides a plethora of ring combinations to test out—whether for a night on the town with the girls or just grabbing coffee with a colleague.