Born on the cusp of the Victorian era in England, Dickens witnessed a unique time in England’s history—the return of romanticism. However, Dickens’s childhood was far from idyllic. As a child, Dickens’s father was thrown into debtor’s prison, and as a result, Dickens was forced to leave school and work in a factory in order to make enough money for the family to survive. Although Dickens was eventually able to leave factory work behind, his time spent in a boot-blocking factory cemented in him a quest for social justice regarding the working class. In fact, the notion of justice for the working class appears in almost all of Dickens’s writings. Despite his tough childhood, Dickens eventually became one of the most celebrated authors in the history of literature. In fact, his literary works are still read and adapted for the screen to this day.

Dickens provides inspiration in many forms and fashion is most certainly one of them. None other than Mr. Dickens inspired these three simple jewelry tips.

1)      Classic Pieces

A Christmas Carol is one of Dickens’s all-time most popular books. In fact, there are countless movie, television, and book adaptations based on the original novel. When it comes to jewelry, the lesson learned from Dickens’s most popular work is simple—keep it classic. Classic jewelry pieces never go out of style and age gracefully. In other words, investing in heirloom jewelry is always a good idea. Whether you love rare pearls, stunning gemstones, or diamonds, always embrace timeless jewelry pieces.

2)      Ornate Designs

Dickens was undoubtedly influenced by the era in which he lived—the Victorian period. Despite the fact that Dickens created characters in dismal living situations, his novels still contain traces of romanticism. Aesthetically, the Victorian era is defined by ornate designs. From hand carved brooches crafted from agate to luxuriously long strands of pearls, the Romantic Period was defined by its dedication to intricate and elaborate jewelry design. Today, ornate and unique designs are still celebrated. In fact, handcrafted designer jewelry is a celebrated art form. Next time you’re shopping for jewelry, choose a piece that is one of a kind in honor of Queen Victoria.

3)      Colorful

Charles Dickens lived a colorful and varied life. From a humble start as a factory laborer to international celebrity as an author, Dickens experienced life from a variety of angles. His life was exciting and dramatic, and jewelry collections should be too. Not only should jewelry pieces incorporate literal color, but they should also possess some dramatic flair. Never shy away from bright pieces, bold designs, or extravagant styles. Life should be stimulating and jewelry is no exception.