Known for his masculine writing style and simplistic method, Ernest Hemingway is a classic American writer. While serving as an ambulance driver in World War I, Hemingway was seriously wounded and returned home. During this time, he spent long stretches in and out of hospitals and eventually based one of his novels on the experience. Hemingway was known for having the air of a rugged and manly individual, and his stories seemed to reflect that. Whether it’s because they were based on true-life events or merely his imaginings is still a subject of debate, but regardless of origin, Hemingway’s writings are classics for a reason. Pay homage to America’s great novelist with jewelry trends inspired by Mr. Hemingway himself.

1)      Understated

Hemingway’s writing style is notoriously understated and economical. His sentences are often painfully short and his authorial tone is straight to the point. In fact, his sparse writing style is, in part, what propelled him to literary fame. Take a lesson from Ernest and choose jewelry pieces that are simple. Opt for a single color instead of multiple hues. If you normally wear sparkle, experiment by going without. After all, less is often more.

2)      Classic

Classics are classic for a reason and Hemingway’s work is no exception. Known as one of the most influential American novelists, Hemingway is an undisputed literary icon. Classrooms across the nation teach Hemingway’s beautifully sparse writing each year. Even beyond that, bookstores continually introduce new editions of his works. In the same way Hemingway’s writing is an undisputed classic, jewelry has classics as well: diamonds and pearls. In the chaos of trends and seasonal collections, be sure to never overlook classic pieces of jewelry. Diamonds and pearls are truly timeless.

3)      Rugged

From fighting in World War I to going on a safari in Africa, Hemingway was rugged. In fact, his writing was macho too. Often told from a male point of view, Hemingway’s writing is known for being uniquely male. Ultimately, Hemingway’s ruggedness serves as inspiration to never shy away from masculine inspired pieces. When it comes to jewelry, forget gender divides and merely purchase pieces that speak to you. After all, male inspired looks for women are currently trending in a big way. As Hemingway proves time and time again, ruggedness is for everyone.