John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, or J.R.R., redefined the genre of fantasy. During his lifetime he created an elaborate and in-depth fantasy world called Arda. Within Arda existed the now famous realm of Middle-earth. Tolkien created genealogies, maps and a full history of the worlds. In fact, his creations were so perfectly crafted that they continue to thrive over 50 years after Tolkien’s death. Today, the books are considered literary classics and have been adapted six times for the big screen. One of the main reasons Tolkien’s creation continues to inspire fans, movie makers and readers is the imaginative nature of Arda’s creatures: dwarfs, elves and hobbits. In Tolkien’s world, the three types of creatures inhabit the same space and although there is not always peace, there is constant adventure. Tolkien’s three primary creatures are celebrated in the jewelry trends below.

1)      Dwarf

The mythical dwarfs in The Lord of the Rings trilogy are fighters. They are never the first to back down from an argument and staunchly defend their beliefs. Embrace the dwarfs’ notion of loyalty and commitment by choosing a jewelry piece that is true to you. Whether you enjoy the deep blue of emeralds or the shimmer of diamonds, choose jewelry that speaks to your soul. There are numerous cuts, designs and colors; don’t be afraid to browse the selection or truly contemplate a piece of jewelry before committing.

2)      Elf

Popularized by Orlando Bloom as Legolas in The Lord of the Rings movies, Tolkien’s elves are advocates of peace and the natural world. However, Legolas’s bow and arrows also prove that the elves in Arda are not afraid to take action when necessary. Regardless, the elfin clothes are always immaculate. From white robes to flowing hair and dewy skin, the elves create an uninterrupted air of beauty and tranquility. In order to embrace the elf aesthetic, try jewelry that is whimsical and light. The Mademoiselle Tourmaline Pendant is the perfect place to start.

3)      Hobbit

Tolkien’s hobbits are undoubtedly earthy and natural. Living in small underground dwellings, hobbits are creatures of the earth, but that doesn’t mean that they lack personal flair. From festive parties to delicious drink, hobbits enjoy a good time. To honor the legendary hobbits, opt for jewelry pieces that are natural and sparse, but still dramatic.