Literary works of genius are timeless. Passed from generation to generation, a story can live for decades and even centuries. One such story is that of Sherlock Holmes. Originally imagined by Scottish author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the character of Sherlock first appeared in publication in 1887. Since then, The Guinness Book of World Records has consistently listed Sherlock Holmes as “the most portrayed movie character.” In addition to a long lasting movie career, the book version of Sherlock Holmes has been printed in countless editions and gone through numerous adaptations. Of course, most recently, the brilliant Mr. Holmes once again graced the small screen on the BBC’s “Sherlock.” Clearly, there is something timeless about the detective and his adventures; embrace the legend of Sherlock Holmes by utilizing the show’s main themes as a guide for jewelry. After all, the show is ageless for a reason.

1)      Mystery

Sherlock is a detective and there isn’t a case he can’t solve, but half of the thrill is in the chase. Take a page from Mr. Holmes’ book add some mystery to your wardrobe with dark gemstones and hints of sparkle. With a yellow sapphire and  twinkling diamonds, the Yellow Sapphire Ring subtly hints that the wearer is hiding a thrilling secret. Even Sherlock would be captivated.

2)      Elegance

Sherlock Holmes might be a mystery-solving genius, but he is also a man with good taste. From gracefully smoking a pipe to his signature hat, Holmes oozes unique style, but above all, he conveys elegance. Follow the detective’s lead and opt for Tahitian pearls. Nothing conveys elegance quite like it. The Pearl Wave Ring is the perfect place to start.

3)      Connections

Sherlock is always searching for connections in a case, but the most important connection Mr. Holmes has is with his right hand man: John Watson. Although Sherlock is often loath to admit it, Watson is crucial to Sherlock’s business and also his personal happiness. Show appreciation for the people who support you with custom made jewelry. After all, nothing conveys appreciation quite like a uniquely crafted piece of wearable art.

Sherlock Holmes is a literary legend and a large part of the reason his legacy continues to live on is because of the universal themes sprinkled throughout his story. Embrace the legend by embracing the three simple themes of mystery, elegance and, connections.