Remembered for her work as both a poet and novelist, Sylvia Plath is renowned as a literary genius whose literary prowess is celebrated worldwide. However, Plath’s name is inevitably associated with sadder events as well; namely, her struggle with depression and her eventual suicide. Plath was recognized at a young age as a gifted writer and pursued a writing career as an undergraduate at Smith College in her home state of Massachusetts. Although she excelled academically, Plath began to struggle with internal demons during her time at Smith. It soon became clear that Plath’s battle with depression would be lifelong. Despite her mental illness, Plath produced numerous award-winning short stories, authored The Bell Jar and mothered two children. Ultimately, Plath persevered.

To honor the literary legend of Ms. Plath, try these three jewelry trends inspired by the woman herself.

1)      Intensity

Sylvia Plath felt life intensely. From travelling Europe to decoding the meaning of life, Plath didn’t do anything half-hearted. Follow in the footsteps of Ms. Plath by truly committing to your accessory choices. Whether you’re wearing a chunky statement necklace or choosing a small white gold ring, be sure to wear your jewelry pieces with purpose and passion. Never shy away from making a bold color choice or decline a piece of jewelry because it sparkles. Embrace the intensity of living by picking jewelry pieces that speak to your soul.

2)      Independent

Despite the fact that Plath lived during a time in which women were expected to conform to very specific gender roles, Plath refused to change herself for society. She single-handedly forged a successful writing career and sought out both male and female mentors who believed in her talents as a wordsmith. Follow Sylvia Plath’s lead by forging your own jewelry identity. Trends are wonderful guidelines and often serve as inspiration, but be sure to follow your inner style above all else.

3)      Light and Dark

Like everyone, Plath’s life was a mixture of successes and failures, or moments of lightness and moments of darkness. She was refused admittance to Harvard’s writing program, but ultimately ended up across the pond at the University of Cambridge’s prestigious program. Tap into the mystery of existence by choosing jewelry pieces that complement each other in unlikely manners. Try pairing black dangling earrings with a sparkling peridot necklace and appreciate the contrast between the darkness and the light. Not only will you be taking a lesson from Sylvia Plath, but the contrast will also highlight your stunning gemstones even more.