The name “Fitzgerald” is synonymous with many things. It’s associated with wealth, the roaring ‘20’s, The Great Gatsby, and of course, the man who penned novels: F. Scott Fitzgerald. What is often forgotten is that it was never “Fitzgerald” in the singular. Instead, “the Fitzgeralds” encompassed both Scott and his formidable wife, Zelda.

Scott may be immortalized in the literary canon, but biographers, countless admirers, and academic researchers remember Zelda just as fondly. She was an undervalued novelist, talented painter, and amateur ballerina. Even beyond that, Zelda Fitzgerald was the inspiration for most of Scott’s literary heroines. In fact, Scott is known to have taken material directly from Zelda’s personal diary. Dubbed by her husband as “the first American flapper,” Zelda was a woman who embraced life. From jumping in a fountain at Union Square, to having plenty of adventures at New York City’s most elite hotels, Zelda was the life of the party. Even though she didn’t receive the creative acclaim she deserved during her life, Zelda lives on as a literary legend. Allow Zelda’s legacy to continue by embracing three jewelry trends inspired by Scott Fitzgerald’s brilliant other half.

1)      Push Boundaries

In many ways, Zelda was a product of the times. Her husband’s writing overshadowed her own and part of the reason is because he was a man. However, Zelda also fought back and pushed against societal limitations. Known for holding her own, taking fashion risks, and keeping up with Scott’s wild lifestyle, Zelda was never stagnant and jewelry shouldn’t be either. Next time you’re in the market for a new statement piece, take inspiration from Zelda and opt for bold accessories. Check out the Contemporary Fire Opal Ring for inspiration.

2)      Embrace Drama

Zelda was a celebrity in the 1920’s and adored the attention. Instead of fighting against the public’s interest regarding her and her husband, Zelda embraced her status as an icon. Often, she would put on a show for the cameras. Tap into your inner Zelda by opting for jewelry pieces that put the spotlight on you. From oversized gemstones, to outrageous sparkle, and even excessive layering, make yourself the star of any gathering with tasteful yet bold jewelry pairings.

3)      Old School Glamour

The 1920’s were a time for dramatic and daring fashion. Of course, it was also the era of the flapper. Tap into the glamour of the decade with dangling earrings and statement necklaces. Complete the look with a plunging neckline and you’re guaranteed to make Zelda proud.