When it comes to travelling abroad, London is hard to beat. Known as the cultural capitol of England, the city offers endless entertainment. From stepping off the underground Tube and seeing the breathtaking sight of Big Ben to climbing the steps in St. Paul’s Cathedral, the city is alive with history. However, the city center isn’t the only place to explore. Bustling street markets in Brick Lane and the famed Columbia Road Flower Market are delightful destinations that demand a visit. Ultimately, London is a city of diversity, endless possibilities and delightful culture. Whether you’re planning a visit to London or merely want a few London inspired accessories, the tips below are inspired by life across the pond.

1)      Cufflinks

In America, cufflinks are often reserved for formal business settings and elite dinner parties. Although the same could be said for England, the overall atmosphere of the city is more formal, and that extends to clothing as well. Whether Londoners are walking down the street to grab a coffee or meeting friends for a fancy dinner, they are dressed in a complete outfit. Embrace London’s more formal style by opting for an accessory that is both fancy and wearable. Instead of saving cufflinks for a wedding or client meeting, experiment with wearing them to a dinner date or holiday party. Chances are that you’ll be a hit.

2)      Pins

In London, fashion is constantly evolving. From cutting edge trends to styles that are throwbacks to previous decades, Londoners are never afraid to experiment. For a sophisticated yet unexpected accessory, use pins to their full potential. Secured to handbags, pinned to buns or even fastened to a winter scarf, pins are timeless accessories that speak of elegance and style.

3)      Color

Like most major cities, black is a prominent clothing color in London. Due to the versatility and classic nature of the color, it’s nearly impossible to go wrong with it. Although black is wonderful, it can often feel safe or even boring. In order to embrace black and still stand out, opt for a pop of color with jewelry. From deep orange to sparkling green, gemstone accessories are the perfect way to stand out while still fitting in. Whether you are going to a business lunch or museum opening, a colorful necklace or earrings will work wonders when combined with the standard big city uniform of black.