Known for its historical accuracy and stunning wardrobes, Mad Men has captivated audiences since its 2007 premiere. Seven years later, the first half of the show’s final season has aired and the second half is set to premiere in Spring 2015. While fans and fashion magazines alike eagerly await the final installment of the drama set in the 1960’s, be sure to get your Mad Men fix through jewelry inspired by the show.

Following talented creative director and eventual business owner, Don Draper, the show chronicles Draper’s life in and out of the office. Specifically, the show illustrates society’s changing values and beliefs as the show progresses towards the 1970’s. But perhaps most spectacular of all is the show’s wardrobe. With curve-hugging, knee length skirts for women and classic suits for men, Mad Men is a fashion lover’s dream and the jewelry is no different. With a ‘60’s revival in full force in the fashion world, now is the time to learn from Mad Men’s stunning accessories.

One of the biggest jewelry trends from the hit television show are chunky stud earrings. Stud earrings are often thought of as the “safe” choice when it comes to ear wear, but the ladies from Mad Men illustrate that this is certainly not the case. Worn with low necklines and elaborate necklaces, stud earrings are the perfect way to pull off a statement necklace and statement earrings. 

Brooches have made a splash in a big way. On the set of Mad Men, brooches are leading the fashion charge as elegant hair accessories. Pinned to buns and intertwined with flowing locks, hair is the perfect way to show off jewels. The cast of Mad Men looks stunning in one-of-a-kind brooches. Follow their lead with the Moon River Tanzanite Pendant/Pin.

Of course, it’s impossible to ignore the breathtaking necklaces worn by the women of Mad Men. Whether they’re working in the office, dining with a date or merely out shopping, necklaces are a staple. The best part is that the ladies dazzle in both long chains and shorter statement necklaces. Whichever style you prefer, be sure to never overlook the power of a single chain. From the stunning Oval Citrine Pendant to the subtler beauty of the Pink Moonrise Pendant, you’re guaranteed to shine.