There are certain personal touches that can be added to a new engagement ring. These include engravings or metal embellishments. For instance, Mark Schneider Design offers the Secret Heart option. The design is a gold heart encircling a diamond with the engraving “Love You Forever,” a simple and timeless message of love to carry with you wherever you go. Little embellishments forge a bond between you, your fiancé, and your ring. The Secret Heart is just one way to signify the love you have found.

If you are someone who loves words, instead of engraving your name or the name of your husband on the inside of your ring, you can engrave a short line of poetry. Whatever words you choose to incorporate into your band, make sure they are significant and resonate with you: a nickname, a surname, or a word in another language for example.

The Secret Heart represents an everlasting connection to another person—an emblem of a union for you to share with the world or a secret to keep close to your heart. Although the Secret Heart is one way to make your unique engagement ring more personal, another unique twist that can be added to your diamond engagement ring is the addition of smaller colored gemstones to add a particular meaning. A way to add a personal touch to your band is by coordinating a minor gemstone with your partner’s. For instance, you could choose to select the gemstone that corresponds to the month of your wedding date, or you can have gemstones that correspond to your partner’s birth month.

Whatever way you choose to individualize your unique engagement ring, the main thing to remember is that the choice you make is permanent. So make sure you choose something that you will want in the many years to come.