There’s a new trend on the scene: male engagement rings. As men and women continue to move towards equality, it seems that marriage is the new frontier. Throughout the past few years, there has been an increasing interest in engagement rings for men. In modern society, engagement rings symbolize commitment and love. Although tradition may predicate that women are the only ones who receive bling, a new tradition is emerging as men and women both give and receive engagement rings. Whether you consider yourself traditionally minded or prefer to buck tradition altogether, it’s worth investigating if a male engagement ring is right for you and your future spouse. For tips on how to choose a male engagement ring, read on.

1)      Choices are Endless

For male engagement rings, any ring works. There is no “correct” male engagement ring. Instead, male engagement rings are what the groom-to-be feels most comfortable with. In other words, get creative! Instead of getting a custom engagement ring crafted, feel free to choose a ring and use it as the engagement band. If your husband likes colorful gemstones, then choose a ring lined with gems. Or perhaps he prefers simple, understated bands instead. Whatever your future husband’s taste may be, there is a ring to match. In fact, the Men’s Twilight Sapphire Band is the ideal place to start.

2)      Two in One

Instead of opting for two rings for the groom, many couples choose an engagement ring that will double as a wedding band on the big day. If reusing the ring isn’t quite your style, then opt for a short-term engagement ring that can be replaced by the wedding band. In many instances, male engagement rings serve as  “promise” rings in the sense that they are a physical representation of commitment. Regardless of what style you prefer, be sure to choose a ring that will suit his needs and lifestyle.

3)      Match

For many couples, engagement rings serve as a symbol of devotion and unity. Because of this, it’s common for couples to choose engagement rings that are complimentary. Whether they are similar in color, design or style, it’s always nice to know that you and your future spouse are connected. When creating a new tradition like male engagement rings, be sure to forge your own path and find what works for you. After all, there are no wrong answers.