The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Wedding Rings

Men’s style is becoming more and more fashion forward and wedding rings are following suit. Gone are the days in which men are confined to simple bands and the only choice is between silver and gold. The modern man is both fashion-conscious and fashionable. A wedding band is the accessory worn for a lifetime and as such needs to reflect the individual style of the man wearing it. Choices for male wedding rings can seem as endless as those for females, so we’ve broken down the top choices for grooms-to-be.

1)      Subtle Diamonds

Diamonds are no longer merely a girl’s best friend. The secret is out and men have learned the joys of bling. In a women’s engagement ring, the diamond is the spotlight. For men, diamond wedding bands are all about subtle incorporation. Instead of a stand-alone diamond, small diamonds are included through various patterns and designs. The Bold wedding band includes three diamonds in a row, while the Virtuous band has small diamonds spread across the entire surface. And don’t think you have to limit yourself to white diamonds. Black and brown diamonds make men’s bands look sharp and contemporary.

2)      Contemporary

Sleek, modern designs are updating both men’s wedding fashion and wedding bands. The top contemporary wedding band trends are textured—which refers to subtle designs within the ring as seen in the maze-like design of the Elaborate wedding band. Although flat rings have numerous styles, the most popular is a ring with a curved underside and flat top. This concept is perfectly executed in the Absolute ring.

3)      Two-Toned

When two different metals are used in the same ring, the ring is considered “two-toned.” When it comes to multiple metals, white and yellow gold are the best combination. The ring should effortlessly incorporate both metals and create a cohesive design. The Bolt wedding band is effortlessly contemporary.

Always remember, when choosing a wedding band, lifestyle is an important factor. Working with your hands at a construction site will most likely require a different ring than working in an office. The more often a ring is taken off for heavy labor or other activities, the more likely it is to be lost or damaged. In addition to choosing a ring that reflects your personal style, select a ring that reflects your lifestyle.