Brilliance is beauty and our branded Heartstar  ideal cut diamonds are unsurpassed for brilliance. These diamonds are amongst the finest cut diamonds offered today, and demonstrate hearts and arrow patterns when viewed under a handheld red filter starscope. The Heartstar diamonds range in clarity from VVS through SI, in color from D to J. Heartstar diamonds are sold with GIA (Gemological Institute of America_ or AGS (American Gem Society) full diamond grading reports.


Where budget is a concern we offer our branded Starlight diamonds , cut to the same Ideal cut proportions as the Heartstar diamonds. Starlight diamonds range in clarity from SI to I1, and in color from F to J. In addition Starlight diamonds come with a full GCAL light return report describing their incredible brilliance quantitatively. Both Heartstar and Starlight diamonds are cut exclusively for us, and come with our Zero Tolerance 4 C’s diamond grading guarantee. This gives you, our customer, peace of mind that your diamond had been graded accurately by respected, third party, independent grading laboratories.
GCAL certificates combine a 4C grading analysis with a full light performance profile describing both optical brilliance and symmetry analyses. A Gemprint, or optical fingerprint of the diamond, a laser inscription of the girdle and a photomicrograph of the diamond, combine to assure positive identification of the diamond. GCAL offers a money back zero tolerance 4C’s consumer guarantee and authenticates the diamond as a natural diamond.