How to Match Earrings and Glasses

Whether sunglasses are your most worn accessory or you were simply gifted with less than perfect eyesight, glasses are part of life. In fact, they can be an expressive, fun, and complementary part of your look. When it comes to glasses and jewelry, your face may feel like a battleground. Who will win: glasses or earrings? But there’s a better way. Instead of fighting for face space, create a harmonious environment by finding earrings that complement your eyewear.

1)      Longer Earrings

Long earrings may seem counterintuitive, but they work wonderfully with glasses. Earrings that dangle create an elongated look and generate space between eyewear and accessories. Stud earrings or hoops can make your face look crowded. To avoid “accessory overload”, wear dangle earrings. Instead of a clump of accessories surrounding your eyes and ears, long earrings allow each piece its own space. As a result, both glasses and earrings are allowed to shine without detracting from the other. Looking for inspiration? The Flourishing Tanzanite Earrings are a perfect choice because the largest stone is at the bottom of the earring; this creates the illusion of even more space between the glasses and the earrings.

2)      Glasses First

Whether your glasses are used for eyesight enhancement or protection from the sun, chances are you’ll have one or two pairs at most. Earrings, on the other hand, are typically a wardrobe staple and owning five to ten pairs is a common occurrence. Because of this, focus on matching your earrings to your glasses. If you wear traditional frames, build an earring collection of diamonds and pearls. For contemporary ladies, look for modern earrings that are as unique as you are. The modern feel of the Desire Earrings would look flawless with popular black-framed eyewear.

3)      Similarities

When it comes to creating a cohesive look, similar materials should be a top priority. If your frames are silver rimmed, then stick to platinum or white gold. For acrylic frames, earrings made with crystal or amber will allow for a harmonious look. However, not everything should be similar when it comes to glasses and earrings. Shapes should be complementary, not identical. For round or circular glasses, stay away from circular jewelry because it will create monotony. Instead, try pairing rounded frames with teardrop shaped earrings.