Match Made in Heaven: Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

You were surprised with the perfect engagement ring, or maybe you picked it out yourself and couldn’t be happier. Engagement ring: check.

But even though the diamond is secure upon your finger, ring shopping has only just begun. When it comes to matching wedding bands and engagement rings, you may feel overwhelmed by options. Or perhaps the engagement ring has a matching band that isn’t to your liking. Whatever the circumstance, matching rings for the big day just got a whole lot simpler.

1)      Matching Metals?

This rule may seem obvious, but it’s really not, because there is no rule! Just because your engagement ring is platinum doesn’t mean that your band has to be as well. You can mix and match metals to create a unique look. White gold and yellow gold, rose gold and white gold, or whichever combination strikes your fancy. Or if you prefer that your engagement ring and wedding band are the same color metal, go for it. After all, there is no rule!

2)      Beware of Spaces

When wearing an engagement ring and wedding band, the goal is for the two rings to look as if they belong together. The number one way rings can look mismatched is if there is a gap between the two bands. Because of diamond placement, design and numerous other details, it’s common for engagement rings to jut out past the band. In order to avoid this potential pitfall, work with your jeweler to design a wedding band that fits snugly against the engagement ring. Gaps are common problems and jewelers are aware; so don’t panic if your wedding band requires some special attention.

3)      Details, Details, Details

Every engagement ring is unique and because of that wedding bands are starting to follow suit. Purchasing wedding bands not originally intended for a particular engagement ring is a fast growing trend. For vintage rings, pick a band that highlights your favorite part of the ring. If your engagement ring is a particularly ornate or show stopping design, feel free to skip the wedding band altogether and merely use your engagement ring at the ceremony. Modern rings look best with modern style bands. Think sleek and minimal when shopping. But most importantly, feel free to think beyond the expected and always choose the ring that speaks to your heart.