When two people spend an abundant amount of time together, they unconsciously begin dressing in a similar fashion—being drawn to the same colors or clothing styles. This unconscious connection is both sweet and indicative of the influence that each individual has on the other. While unconsciously matching your partner is something that occurs naturally, coordinating your image with the love of your life is something that couples often plan.

It is important to remember that matching your partner is not for everyone. It is an activity that both parties should be interested in. Once both parties have decided to take the plunge into the world of complementary jewelry it is important to decide exactly how to match your significant other. There are varying degrees of matching when it comes to couples. Good matching is subtle, it’s just enough to allude to one another. Bad matching that is excessively planned (while aiming to look effortless) usually winds up not matching at all. Over the top matching, where every aspect matches exactly, making the couple look co-dependent and insecure.

When it comes to matching jewelry, it is always best to strive for the good kind of matching—something subtle that suggests a connection with one another at first glance, and that on closer examination demonstrates the ways in which two people harmonize with each other.

The most obvious matching designer jewelry for couples would be unique engagement rings. Matching rings can be accomplished in several different ways. Unique engagement rings can be matched to one another through stone, band, and metal choice. Couples can elect to match their gemstones—diamonds, ruby, emerald, etc.—but can also match the cut of the stones. By matching not only the diamond or colored gemstone of unique engagement rings, but also the cut of the stone, layers of unity are built between the complementary rings. One need not go so far as matching gemstones, but corresponding bands or matching metal selection forges a visual connection that indicates, in an unassuming manner, the depth of your commitment to each other.     

While matching rings is indeed an excellent choice for complementary couple’s jewelry, it is not the only option. For couples who are not ready to take the step of matching rings, earrings can correspond to cufflinks, or a necklace can match a tie-pin. The combinations are endless, but the connection forged is timeless.