Bless your union with matching his and hers wedding bands. Celebrities from Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green to Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerry have been spotted wearing matching wedding bands.  Mark Schneider Design offers a variety of his and her wedding rings to choose from: contemporary, floral, vintage, and traditional. Coordinated wedding rings are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also symbolize the intensity in the bond of your union.


                We are in a new age with a new style and one of Mark Schneider’s eye catching duos is the Bedazzled and the Empyrean. The Bedazzled engagement ring has a center diamond set in a unique split setting of 45 accented diamonds curving around the center stone. The wedding band contains another 17 diamonds. The Empyrean wedding band is set with 43 diamonds and crisscrossing accent lines, making the perfect match to the Bedazzled ring.


                Bloom is one floral diamond ring you don’t want to miss out on. The engagement ring is a floral interpretation on a classic halo with 15 diamonds.  One of the selected matching men’s rings is Virtuous. It has leaf shaped accents and five white diamonds. These wedding bands make a great pair because of their intricate details that make them part of the floral design. Owning something so intricate and unique is a great way to show the love and commitment you share.


                If you’re a classic pair looking for vintage rings, than you are looking for Enduring and Austere. The Enduring engagement ring has a beautiful vintage look with 41 diamonds. The matching wedding band has another 42 accent diamonds. The Austere band matches Enduring with an additional 48 white diamonds. This vintage set is a duo of diamonds.


                If you like an engagement ring to be traditional and simple, that’s what you’ll find with Kiss and True. Kiss is not quite a solitaire, with three diamonds, making it a simple but elegant ring. True is a plain men’s wedding band with a satin finish. Traditional wedding rings represent the commitment we make to spend the rest of our lives with someone.

                 Matching wedding bands can strengthen the meaning behind the bond of your wedding rings. Mark Schneider has a large variety of matching ring ideas. It doesn’t matter what kind of style you pick, you can always have matching wedding bands. Your rings will symbolize a love and commitment together, forever.