Politics aside, it’s impossible not to appreciate Michelle Obama’s fabulous style. Critics and citizens alike have praised the First Lady’s fashion choices from the very beginning of the Obama reign and it’s easy to see why. With an eye for complementary patterns, attractive cuts, and elegant style, Michelle’s style is an All-American joy. But perhaps her greatest triumph is her jewelry. From dangling necklaces to simple cuffs, Barack’s wife never fails to dazzle the crowd with her jewelry choices, and a large part of that is due to her flawless choices. Snag a lesson from America’s very own First Lady and follow these simple rules to effortlessly recreate Michelle’s stunning jewelry.

1)      Flower Brooch

Brooches are often overlooked as jewelry accessories, but when it comes to elegance, there is no finer choice. Pairing a sparkling flower brooch with numerous different outfits, the First Lady has made it clear that floral is a must. For an understated look, brooches can be pinned to jacket lapels, and although the First Lady partakes in this tradition, she also creates a signature look: brooches and dresses. Pinned to the strap of a simple daytime dress, a brooch adds extra sparkle and effortlessly conveys personal style. However, Michelle wears brooches at the dress’s center. When a dress has a V-neck cut, a centered brooch streamlines the look and adds understated sparkle. The First Lady is never scared to experiment with different colors and has flower brooches that range from green to blue and pink to red. Add a modern twist to Michelle’s floral brooch by opting for the award-winning Pixie Pea Pod Pendant.


2)      Pearls

Pearls are a classic choice for conveying timeless class and style. As a representative of America, Michelle Obama is required to convey both at all times, and as a result, pearls are perhaps her most worn accessories. From studded earrings to dangling necklaces, pearls are a staple for the First Lady. Tap into your inner political animal with the beautiful Rotating Pearl Earrings.