There’s a new trend emerging across the world: minimalism. Instead of acquiring more stuff and constantly consuming, minimalism aims to do the opposite and encourages people to consume less. But in addition to being a philosophical movement, minimalism is also prevalent in the world of design and fashion. Walls with “white space” are the latest craze for interior designers and fashion runways have been filled with simple, clean patterns. The concept of minimalism expands beyond clothes though; its influences have become visible in the world of jewelry as well. To utilize a “less is more” attitude with your jewelry choices, follow the guide below.

1)Choose One

Next time you’re trying to decide what ring to wear with a particular pair of earrings, take a page from the minimalist’s handbook and opt for one piece instead of two. Instead of spending time trying to match multiple accessories, limit your choices altogether. By opting for one item instead of two or three, you allow a piece of jewelry to serve as the focal point of an outfit. As a result, it is able to truly shine.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, another minimalism trend is undersized or small jewelry. Instead of choosing chunky pieces, try accessorizing with a small pendant or thin ring. By utilizing pieces that are dainty and elegant, your whole outfit gets a boost. If you’re accustomed to wearing larger jewelry pieces, layering is a great way to incorporate minimalism while still adhering to your signature look. Instead of wearing a single thin chain, try layering a short chain with a longer chain. Although the look will still be minimal, it won’t be quite as bare.

3)Light Colors

Minimalism is about much more than choosing smaller pieces; it’s about an overall “lighter” life. By opting for a more minimalistic approach, your life becomes physically lighter because you own fewer belongings. However, lightness is also about colors. As mentioned, minimalist interior decorators have a preoccupation with “white” or blank space in the walls of homes. In jewelry, blank space is equivalent to light colors. By opting for light greens or simple yellows, you are a creating a brighter and lighter look. The Inspiration Pendant is the perfect place to start.

Whether you are a dedicated minimalist or this is your first time hearing the word, minimalism is a fun trend to utilize with jewelry because it causes you to think of jewelry and space differently. But above all, it’s important to have fun and experiment.