William Shakespeare, known as The Bard, is renowned for his ability to capture the nuances of the human condition through writing—whether sorrow, jealousy, or everlasting love. This summer Joss Whedon, who some consider a modern-day bard, is tackling Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and bringing it to the silver screen. Many consider this a perfect fit for the director who’s renowned for capturing the tragedy, comedy, and beauty of life through film.

Filmed entirely in black and white, the film adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s most famous works kindles a spark of Golden Era Hollywood—sexy, chic, and glamorous. Likewise the designer jewelry inspired by the film reflects that vintage Hollywood allure.

In the play, during a flirtatious exchange one of the characters states, “Speak low, if you speak love.” The idea conveyed by this line is that love is something to be shared in secret, but the right designer jewelry piece can communicate volumes of love without speaking a word. Mark Schneider Design takes the unspoken declaration of love farther with the secret heart feature on its already unique engagement rings. Nestled privately on the ring is an engraved diamond sweetly and succinctly stating “Love you forever”, set within a golden heart. This public yet private declaration of love captures the romance of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, while the colored gemstone selections capture a blending of classic and contemporary style.

Simple features of designer jewelry capture the sexy elegance of the film, for both men’s and women’s jewelry. Men’s engagement rings that employ a minimalist approach to designer jewelry capture the effortless style and sophistication of many of the characters in the film. The men’s engagement ring selection at Mark Schneider Design provides an excellent array of choices for grooms-to-be. Rings like Bold, Bolt, and Dashing convey a chic and savvy vibe that catches the eye without slipping into gaudiness.

Unique engagement rings for women that employ floral elements capture the vintage Hollywood glamour of the characters of Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing. Delicate designs like Ember, Divine, and Honey make a statement of demure yet dazzling elegance that captures the ethereal whimsy of female lead, Beatrice. Yet more ornate bands and settings on unique engagement ring designs such as Affection, Enamored, Cherished, Dazzling, and Infinity capture the perfect blend of opulence and refined decadence that the film cannot help but convey. The entire world may be a stage, but an unadorned player makes less of statement than a bejeweled one.