When it comes time to select the ideal engagement ring it is easy to be torn between using an heirloom piece passed down from a family member or opting for a new engagement ring. However, there is another option entirely—building a new and unique engagement ring while incorporating materials from an heirloom piece.  

While this option may be a little pricier than choosing to solely use an heirloom wedding ring, it provides a means of merging the old with the new. By using components of an heirloom piece to create something new, you have the chance to tailor a unique engagement ring to your fashion tastes, while also paying homage to your heritage.

There are a few options for blending old pieces with newer elements to create a unique engagement ring that reflects your style and is unlike any other. The most obvious option is to incorporate an old stone into a new setting.

But there is another option. Gemstones can be re-cut to fit a new mounting, or the original shape of the stone can be maintained and incorporated into the new band. Metal from the old band can also be incorporated to create your new band. However, there are certain steps that should be taken to prevent a family fiasco.

In the case of incorporating portions of an older piece into a unique engagement ring, there is a certain etiquette that should be followed. It is best to make sure that the original owner knows the plans that you and your fiancé have for incorporating their piece. By being upfront about your plans for the ring, whether you plan to utilize the stone or the metal, you are able to prevent any hurt feelings.

Whether you want to incorporate a center stone, some side stones, or a piece of the metal, the kind of unique aura you create by merging the old with the new creates a fun and interesting element of tradition for your very unique engagement ring.