As the weather gets warmer, more and more time is spent outside. In fact, summer is the busiest month for travel and outdoor adventures in general. Although it’s wonderful to spend time in the fresh air and try new things, it’s also important to remember to take care of your jewelry. Spontaneous trips are amazing, but it’s critical to have a plan of action for your accessories. In order to fully enjoy the moments of summer, sand and sun without worrying about your gemstone jewelry, follow these simple tips.

1) Leave it at Home
If you know in advance that a day will involve outdoor adventures, it’s best to leave your gemstones at home. Whether the activity is lying by the pool, zip lining through a forest or hiking near the beach, your jewelry is better left behind. Although many precious gemstones are durable and hard, especially diamonds, it’s never a good idea to risk the safety of your jewelry. For example, even if a slight scuff wouldn’t damage the actual gemstone on a ring, there’s a high chance that the metal could be damaged. In order to avoid any potential mishaps, always try to plan ahead and leave your jewelry at home when possible.

2) Store it Safely
Of course, spur of the moment trips do happen. Perhaps your best friend proposed a last minute kayaking trip or your boyfriend wants to take a sunset hike. In these instances, it is always best to be prepared. Leave a small jewelry case or pouch in your bag, and leave a back-up pouch in your car. When in doubt, remember the old adage, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Utilizing a case or pouch is better than simply placing jewelry in your purse or glove box. Cases ensure that the metals are protected from scratches and other interactions with unknown objects. For the best protection, be sure to buy cases that are for specific types of jewelry. For example, the Blazing Fire Opal Pendant should be in a long, necklace case, while the Luminous Citrine Ring should be a ring box.

3) Play it Safe
If all else fails, sometimes it is best to play it safe. If a last minute adventure comes up, never be afraid to quickly stop by your house and drop off your jewelry. You’ll thank yourself later.