You’ve found the woman or man that you want to spend the rest of your life with and couldn’t be happier. However, marriage is still a distant concept that is months or even years down the road. For an alternative way to convey undying support, love, and commitment, promise rings are the answer.

In ancient times, rings, in the form of signets, were used to seal documents and ensure their authenticity. In other words, rings were used as insurance or as a way to promise that a letter was not forged. The ownership of such a ring conveyed power and authority. As a result, rings eventually became ornamental jewelry. Although rings today are seen as a symbol of wealth, class, and even power, they are often seen as a promise as well.

The notion of rings conveying a promise or pledge can be seen throughout history. In Ancient Rome, betrothed couples wore betrothal rings that were engraved with the name of their beloved. Similarly, posie rings were incredibly popular in 16th century England. Posie rings were used to convey love, affection, and commitment. Often, the rings were engraved with enchanting love poems. Although the modern day concept of “promise rings” is relatively new, there is a long history of rings used as tokens of commitment and love.

Today, promise rings are both a private commitment between two partners and a public declaration of everlasting love. Some couples choose to wear promise rings on their ring fingers while others choose a different location entirely. The beauty of promise rings is that they are entirely flexible—both in location and style.

While some couples choose to use a traditional engagement ring as their promise ring, others opt for a unique design that is different than typical engagement or wedding rings. For example, many couples choose colored gemstone rings, like the Exclusive Tanzanite. Similarly, some pairs opt to replace the promise ring with a new engagement ring after the proposal and others choose to use the promise ring for both.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to utilize the new tradition of promise rings. Instead, promise rings are about celebrating a beautiful and lifelong commitment between two loving partners.